Are You Curious About Past Life Regression?


Past Life Regression therapy has become quite popular and decades of research and evidence have increased it’s credibility as a dynamic field of study. The basic premise is that all individuals have a purpose that goes beyond their present lives. Events in past lives can result in unresolved issues in our present lives that manifest themselves in various ways. Reflecting on past lives through hypnosis may bring these unresolved issues to light, helping individuals identify the root cause of phobias, nightmares, habits, compulsions, anxiety, depression and so on. There are so many challenges impacting our physical, emotional and spiritual state that we presently face and cannot be accounted for in our present lives. Decisions made in a past life, unfulfilled promises, actions taken impact our present lives.

Some believe in the principal of karma which assumes that all deeds shape the past, present and future experiences; to put it simply, there’s a causal relationship between lives.

Dr. Brian Weiss, a well known psychiatrist, published author of Many Lives, Many Masters and various other works as well as an expert in the field of Past-Life Regressions was a featured guest on the Oprah Winfrey show. He also served as the Chairman Emeritus of psychiatry in the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami. For many years, Dr. Weiss was skeptical of past-life regressions. However based on experiences in his psychiatric practice, he was unable to ignore the overwhelming evidence supporting past lives. One particular patient “Catherine” lended a tremendous amount of credibility to the field when she told him things about his father who passed away years prior; information she couldn’t possibly be aware of otherwise. She indicated this information was revealed by Dr. Weiss’s father while “Catherine” was under hypnosis.

Many wonder what the experience is like. If we think about Freud’s work, the thinking was that causes of behavior were determined by tapping into the unconscious state. With past-life regression, through an altered state of consciousness, individuals recall experiences of their past lives, some so powerful that they feel all the emotions that were present in that particular past life. The Practitioner gently probes during the session to help the individual gain insight to the root cause of their challenges. The memories and experiences surface to consciousness. It is a fascinating reflection on the soul’s journey which can bring greater meaning and purpose to one’s present life. Gaining access to past souls is key; however the journey does not stop there. It’s important to understand that an individual must commit to making changes in their lives for behavioral change to occur.

Going beyond the individual journey, one can discover if others in our present life have shared past lives with us. We often wonder how we develop immediate connections with certain individuals. Findings during Past-Life Regression often help us understand the history of these connections and provide comfort that there are souls that travel with us beyond the present life.

The key to progress is developing a higher level of understanding of one’s purpose and with that knowledge, initiating the appropriate behavioral changes. It can be quite profound.


Eli Bliliuos is the founder of The New York Hypnosis Institute. He specializes in Past Life and Life in Between Lives Regression. For those who believe in reincarnation, Eli is happy to explore Past Lives, Life in Between Lives, and Future Life Progression through hypnotic regression with clients.

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