Hypnosis to Stop Smoking – Does It Really Work?


Have you tried nicotine patches? Chewing gum? How about tablets? Or tried anything else they currently have on the market to help you stop smoking? Have you found it lasts for a few days maybe has lasted up to a couple of weeks, then you give in to temptation and light up a cigarette again? Just one won’t hurt you say but it is never just one. You want to consciously stop smoking but subconsciously your mind still wants to smoke and you will always give in, it doesn’t matter what you try that little voice will continue to tell you to give in to those cravings.

Hypnosis works on your subconscious to stop the cravings and kill the addiction helping you stop smoking forever. Instead of being a smoker that has stopped smoking, still having that urge inside you, you become a non-smoker that doesn’t want a cigarette anymore and you are free from all urges and cravings.

But does hypnosis really work? Most importantly, will it work for me, you ask? Studies have proven it has worked for thousands of smokers that have been in your situation. They have searched through all the Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT) out there and never seem to find any long term success. Upon discovering and trying hypnosis, it has proved to be the most effective method for stopping smoking and never wanting to light up again. Hypnosis is at least 3 times more effective then NRT and at least 15 times more successful than will power alone.

Many scientists over the world have researched and tested hypnosis as a technique to quit smoking as well as tackling other forms of addiction. With these studies, Hypnosis has been proven to be the most effective and successful method compared to any other medication or replacement treatment. 80% of smokers found they stopped smoking after a minimum of 4 sessions of hypnosis and over 90% found it to be most successful after a minimum of 6 hypnosis sessions. There are even a few that have found hypnosis to be successful for them after only one session. It works differently for all of us but importantly, most find that it does work.

Do you feel like cigarettes control your life? Planning when you can have that next one, having to step outside in the cold to have a puff when all your friends stay inside, keeping an eye on how many you have left and making sure you don’t run out. Did you know smoking also controls your life span? Every cigarette you have takes 6 minutes from your life. This isn’t counting the negative health effects smoking can cause. By using hypnosis you can take back control in a stress free way at a time and place that you feel most comfortable and relaxed in.

Hypnosis doesn’t have any side effects like other methods of quitting can have. You can have long term health problems not only from smoking but from medication that is meant to help you quit. Whereas, hypnosis can only make you and your life better. It isn’t like the stage shows you’ve heard of or seen on television, it works by offering repetitive positive suggestions to your subconscious when you are awake and relaxed in your own home during the day or there are night sessions available if you feel most relaxed in the evening.

Hypnosis has worked for thousands of people around the world and helped them stop smoking. Scientists have proven this method is the most effective to stop smoking for life. Will it work for you? You’ve tried other methods, why not try hypnosis and find out?


This article has been written by an ex-smoker who has successfully broken their dependence on smoking.

If you would like to learn more about how Self Hypnosis can assist you in stopping smoking and regaining control of your life, simply visit this great website www.SimpleSelfHypnosis.info


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Greg_Davids

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