Mind Control Hypnosis – Is it For Real?


A lot of people are intrigued by the idea of mind control hypnosis. This was due to the amazing feat by stage hypnotist that seems to influence a group of people to do any action as per his command. But just like anything in the world, when there are supporters, there are always skeptics. Some people are also wandering whether mind control hypnosis is a scam. To answer that question, this article will try to provide some information on the secrets behind the art of hypnosis.

To start off, the question of mind control has been asked for centuries. But up until now, no one has a definite answer to it. Hypnotherapists all around the work know it is not possible to control a person’s mind. Hypnosis can only be done with the permission of the person to be hypnotized. If he is not convinced or do not belief he can be put into a trance, his conscious mind will not be affected. The idea of hypnotism is simply bringing a person into a relax state and cultivating rapport. When the person is in a muse, his mind is hyper sensitive and his imagination is heighten. At this stage, the hypnotist can use certain emotional triggers or powerful suggestion words to influence his subconsciously mind. Since the conscious mind is directly affected by the subconscious mind, the whole process portrays that the hypnotist is controlling the action of the person. In actual fact, a man induced into a trance is very well aware of his environment and his action.

Having the ability to control the mind of another person seems like an interesting idea. In reality, mind control only happens on movies or entertainment stage shows. We can rest assured now knowing no one can control our mind.


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