Your Emotions Control You Whether You Choose to Look Or Not


I kept myself in the dark for so long because I tricked myself into believing that everything would work out in my life if I swept my fears under the carpet.

Boy was I wrong! It was like a bomb had been set to detonate and I had closed my eyes, hummed a tune with hands clasped over ears pretending that the explosion was not about to happen.

Big mistake!

Do you know how much supportive energy you discard when you shut off your awareness?

Understanding Energy

Energy unchecked can play havoc in your life. Your emotions are energy. This energy is constantly moving and you are this energy.

When you are conscious of the energy in your environment and the energy that you are, you have a great advantage. You can shape your life how you want.

Shutting yourself off to your true feelings and the surrounding energy of people and their choices can put you in a terrible predicament like:

– Handing away your power in relationship

– Running up debt

– Suffering depression

– Working in an unsatisfying job

– Feeling like a victim

That’s just a small list of the negative experiences you may have when you walk blind.

When you choose to remain unconscious, pain will manifest in your life. You can temporarily subdue pain with distractions like unhealthy relationships, bitching about people or the poor economy but that’s not going to address the painful feelings inside of you.

If you think you’ve become numb, it means a reservoir of intense emotions and a boost of energy for manifestation resides within you.

Allow your clairvoyant sight to open so you can see the truth of who you are.

Are you scared to look?

I know I was terrified. I thought it was too late for me. I remember lying on a bed at my Mom’s house with no money, crying my eyes out and feeling like a leper when it came to men. I was thirty-two years old!

You know what put me there?

I believed I couldn’t cope with what I would see.

I’ve since realized that the only thing worse than looking at my fears, hurts and disappointments is NOT looking.

When you look at all parts of yourself, you begin to heal and your emotions don’t control you anymore. They don’t make you do crazy things.

In time, your emotions guide you to powerful intuition and when you follow that intuition, you can achieve anything!

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