Testimonials !


I’ve begun updating the Testimonials page. This is some of the feedback from my Youtube meditations. Tnx Everyone – I appreciate all of the support – S

“It Worked” – TheCenacena8

“Your videos are great!” Alan N

“You have such a gorgeous, beautiful, calming, playful :) voice – love it! Almost angellic *smiles again!* mixed with the little moments of lightness and giggles – thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift to others :) I so hope you continue creating these beautiful meditations – so appreciative <3″ annie linwood

“This is absolutely amazing! Thank you very much” diana00jonas

“Great words. Great vision. Thank you Colin! I am super clear about what I am creating now and who I am for others & myself!” Dan Lynch

“I like the way the information is given, the perfect combination of a pleasant tember and useful information of a professional announcer ” –Christina Peskowa

“i cried tears of happiness when i was in trance. thank you thank you so much for making this!!! i realy cant thank you enough!!” – Autumn Celestian

“I listen to this every night and am sleeping deeply. Lovely voice, Collin” – sticknit1

“Hello Collin, I can’t express enough on your powerfull hypnosis. So real, your voice. Please download more videos like this. Very Powerfull. Thank You :) ” – Georgina Laracuente

“Thank you so much for this!!!!” – Nicky Bee

“You don’t understand how perfect your voice is, this is so soothing !” – ok dee

About sonny

Musician, Hypnotist, & Professional Cool Guy He is affectionately known as The Love Hypnotist for his work Mending Broken Hearts & helping people Find True Love. www.thesunnyside.net www.thesunnysidemusic.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwnRTQpNNhFE4MS359n4u_w
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